Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Terms

AAC: Alternative or Augmentative Communication

ARC: Autistic Resourced Centre

ASC: Autistic Spectrum Condition

BRP: Better Reading Partners

C&I: Communication and Interaction

C&L: Cognition and Learning

CAMHS: Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service

ChIN: Child in Need

COP: Code of Practice

EHCP: Education Health and Care Plan

EHR: Early Help Record

EP: Educational Psychologist

FSW: Family Support Worker

HI: Hearing Impairment

ICT: Information Communication Technology

IEP: Individual Education Plan

IPP: Individual Play Plan

LAC: Looked After Children

MLD: Moderate Learning Difficulties

OT: Occupational Therapist

PD: Physical Disability

PSA: Parent Support Advisor

S: Statement

SALT: Speech and Language Therapy

SCID: Social Communication Interaction Difficulties

SEMH: Social, Emotional and Mental Health

SENAT: Special Educational Needs Assessment Team

SENCO: Special Educational Needs Coordinator

SEND: Special Educational Needs and Disability

SENDIASS: Special Educational Needs and Disability Independent Advice Support Service

SENRAP: Special Educational Needs Resources and Assessment Panel

SLCN: Speech, Language and Communication Needs

SLD: Severe Learning Difficulties

SpLD: Specific Learning Difficulties (including Dyslexia)

SRP: Special Resourced Provision

SRPCO: Special Resourced Provision Coordinator

SS: School Support

TA: Teaching Assistant

TAC: Team Around the Child

TAF: Team Around the Family

TaMHS: Targeting Mental Health in Schools

VI: Visual Impairment