Headteacher's Welcome

I am honoured to extend a warm welcome to all visitors of Westlea Primary School. As the Acting Headteacher, it is with great pride that I lead a vibrant educational community that caters to the diverse needs of 296 children.

Westlea Primary School stands out as a unique institution, accommodating a Nursery class for children aged 3-4 years, 10 mainstream classes, two Unit Classes for learners with Complex Needs, and a Special Resourced Provision (SRP) tailored for physically disabled children. Notably, all SRP students, including those with complex learning and emotional needs, are integrated into our inclusive learning environment.

Central to our ethos is placing children at the core of every decision to ensure their happiness, safety, and confidence. We are committed to providing educational opportunities that are not only relevant to their current needs but also to prepare them for the future.

Fundamental to my educational philosophy is the belief that happy children learn best. As Acting Headteacher, my paramount focus is to champion the best interests of each child, working tirelessly to nurture and challenge them to reach their full potential and pursue their aspirations.

I am fortunate to lead a team of highly skilled, compassionate, and dedicated teachers and support staff at Westlea Primary School. Having served as Deputy Head since September 2023, Westlea Primary School has grown close to my heart. I deeply care for our exceptional children and committed staff, and I am resolute in my dedication to ensuring the success and well-being of every individual within our school community.

In essence, I am immensely proud to be at the helm of Westlea Primary School, where we celebrate diversity, strive for excellence, and foster a supportive environment where all members can flourish and achieve their goals. Together, let us forge ahead to a future filled with endless possibilities and success for all.

Please contact the school office if you would like to arrange a visit because you can never replace the first-hand experience of seeing our unique and very inclusive school at work. 

Mrs Ria Chitroda

​Acting Headteacher