Useful Information


Attendance Morning Session 9.00am – 12.30pm KS1 9.00am - 12.30pm KS2 Afternoon Session 1.30pm - 3.20pm KS1 Afternoon Session 1.30pm - 3.30pm KS2 We expect children to be punctual, but it is better to be late than not to arrive. Children should not arrive before 8.45 am but can then enter the school building immediately and proceed to their classrooms where their teachers will have a start activity waiting for them.

Please follow the link to view our Attendance Monitoring and Escalation Flowchart


Regular attendance at school will help your child to make the best of the educational opportunities afforded.

If your child is unavoidably absent, you need to phone school early in the morning. If the absence is going to be for any length of time a telephone call is also needed daily. Certain illnesses such as measles, chickenpox, etc., have to be notified by the school to the Health Authority so it helps us if you let us know that your child has an infectious or contagious disease as soon as possible.

Our policy is that 3 consecutive days off with illness we will require medical evidence. If no medical evidence is provided then any further absence will be unauthorised.

From time to time it may be necessary for you to take your children to the doctor or dentist during school hours. Please notify the class teacher and the office in advance, especially if it is an early morning appointment and meal arrangements may be affected.

Current legislation means that every absence that is not followed by a note of explanation from the parent or guardian has to be recorded as an "unauthorised absence" in the register and is included in a government annual return and in the annual report to parents.

Since September 2015, any child’s absence that falls below 90% is recorded as persistently absent. We work closely with our EWO to support our families and children where attendance is lower than 90%. We do have to take action with low attendance because of the detrimental impact it has on a child’s education. We monitor absence every term and any below 90% you will receive an absence letter. Persistent absence will trigger a meeting with the Headteacher and the EWO.

If your Child is absent from school due to Sickness and Diarrhea then please note that School Policy is that they cannot return to School until 48 hours clear.

Absences during Term Time

Taking time off/Holidays in Term Time Since September 2013 Headteachers are not permitted to authorize any leave or absence from school unless the circumstances are ‘exceptional’ and relating to a ‘one off’ isolated situation. ‘Exceptional circumstances’ do not cover: 

  • Visiting relatives abroad
  • Holidays (unless necessitated by work contracts)
  • Family birthday celebrations

All holiday requests must be made in writing to the Headteacher on the approved form. Term time holidays are not permitted and if taken for 5 days or more will carry a fine.

 Accidents and Emergencies

Should your child become ill or have an accident at school, either you or a person designated by you will be informed. Please ensure that we can contact you quickly by keeping us up to date with your current home and place of work telephone numbers. All bumps on heads will be reported to you.


If it is necessary for a child to complete a course of treatment (prescribed medicines only) the medication can only be accepted if it is clearly marked and must be handed to either the teacher or the office staff by the parent. Medicines will not be given to a child without signed permission from the parent and will only be administered at the discretion of the Headteacher.

We shall be grateful if you keep us informed of any medical condition your child has that involves hospital treatment, especially if our assistance could help. Please do not hesitate to contact the Headteacher if you have any problems regarding your child's health, welfare or medication. Specific conditions will require a Health Care Plan that is written by the School Nurse.

School Health Service

Foundation Stage and Year 6 have a yearly height and weight screening. Hearing is also checked in Foundation Stage.

Specialist help is available for children with emotional, behavioural or learning difficulties. Arrangements can be made for the Educational Psychologist to visit the school. Following observation and perhaps tests, there will be discussion prior to any further action.

Religious Studies and Collective Worship

As we are not a church School we have no denominational affiliations. We believe in educating the children for life in multicultural Britain. RE is a core subject, each class follows the R.E. Swindon Agreed Syllabus, which the Local Authority has drawn up to comply with the 1944 Education Act.

Children will hear bible stories as well as stories from other religions in assemblies and in the classroom. Their relevance to our everyday life will be discussed. It is important to show by our behaviour that we care for others, the environment around us and our world. We encourage our children to ask questions which will help them make sense of their world. 11 12/24/2021

We have whole school assemblies to help develop a sense of community and belonging. These take different forms: exploring a moral or religious theme, singing, celebrating children's work and achievements. Staff and special visitors take the acts of worship.

After School Activities

Teachers organise a number of clubs out of school hours. Most take place after school, but one or two are held at lunch time. These activities vary but will usually include:

  • Cycling Proficiency (Summer)
  • Football
  • Tag Rugby
  • Athletics (Summer Term only)
  • Homework Club
  • Choir
  • Premier Sports Clubs

Mostly, after school activities finish at 4.15 p.m. although some sporting activities may finish later - your child will be told what time their club finishes.

Transfer to Secondary School

Our children in Year 6 have a range of Secondary Schools available to apply to, these include:

  • Lydiard Park Academy (formerly Greendown Community School)
  • The Ridgeway School, Wroughton
  • Commonweal School, Old Town
  • Abbey Park School
  • The Royal Wootton Bassett Academy
  • The Deanery
  • Swindon Academy
  • Various Regional Grammar Schools

Meetings and opportunities for parents and children to visit each school are held during the autumn term preceding your child's admission. Every help will be given to parents by the school in making this important decision.

Parents and School

We value the close working relationship we have with our parents. In order that this partnership is as effective as possible, we begin our contact with the children from the age of three when they begin to attend pre-school – the children regularly visit school and our teachers regularly visit pre-school.

All meetings with the Head Teacher and the Deputy Headteacher are by appointment only please. Please see the class teacher first. If the class teacher feels that a senior member of staff needs to be involved then an appointment will be made.

We want our parents to have high expectations of us as a school, in serving your children with the very best education possible and in turn to offer your commitment in supporting your child's learning at home.

On a week by week basis parents can become involved in their child’s homework To ensure parents feel confident to do this, evening and daytime workshops are offered from time to time highlighting different curricular areas, helping parents to gain an insight into aims, objectives, classroom organisation, progression, resourcing and delivery of various subjects.

At parent discussion interviews during the Autumn and Spring, you will be given an opportunity to share the targets set for your child and also an opportunity to discuss your child's progress. In July, the end of year report is sent home.

Our first priority is your child’s welfare and therefore there may be occasions when our concern about your child means that we have to consult other agencies before we contact you. If you want to know more about this procedure, please speak to the Headteacher who is the designated lead Child Protection Officer.

Finally, parents can offer support by helping in school. We welcome parents to assist with the library, cookery, listening to readers, accompanying visits, swimming and working in classrooms. Training will be offered and all help will be greatly appreciated. If you are unable to spend time in school during the day, perhaps you would like to assist with fund raising or serving on the Friends of Westlea Committee itself.

Westlea School Grounds

During the life of Westlea School a lot of thought, effort and expense has been put into developing our school grounds. Teachers use the grounds extensively in their lessons. We are constantly looking to develop and enhance our environment.


Dogs are not allowed on the school premises or on the school field. 


The Governors of the school have made Westlea School a No Smoking environment. Therefore it is illegal to smoke or vape anywhere on the school property.

Bikes and Scooters

We try to encourage as many children to walk to school. Children are also able to ride both bikes and scooters, but must dismount at the school gates and walk them on to the premises.

Parents are responsible for the child’s safety when riding to and from school. Children should wear a helmet and the bikes/scooters need to be regularly maintained and in working order.

Motorised scooters, boards and bikes are not permitted on the school site for safety reasons. The children should lock their bike/scooter in the bike shed. Please note that the school does not take any responsibility for any loss or damage.

Conduct on the School Site

Please note we do not tolerate abusive language or behaviour from any parent on our school site. We will aim to sort any concern or issue you may have. We have the right to ban parents if their conduct is not acceptable from our site.

Bad Weather/School Closure Information

During extreme weather, school will keep parents informed via our text service. Information will also be posted on our website. It is vital we are informed if your mobile number changes.


Our main aim is to encourage self-discipline, consideration and respect for other people and for property. We have few rules and our main aim is to ‘treat others as we would like to be treated’. The rules we have relate mainly to safety, respect and leading by example.

A high expectation of good manners and courtesy prevails through the school at all times. When necessary, punishment, which usually takes the form of a reprimand or the withdrawal of a privilege, is administered by a teacher, a senior member of staff or the Headteacher. If there is concern regarding a child's behaviour the parents are invited into school to discuss the problem.

Complaints Procedure

The first instance is always to talk to the teacher, then the Key Stage Leader/SENCO, then the Deputy Head (by appointment only) and finally the Headteacher (by appointment only). Always make an appointment with the class teacher in the first instance if you want to discuss something important. For more information please follow the link to view the Brunel complaints policy 

Breakfast CLub, After School Club and Wrap Around Care

We recommend the following breakfast, afterschool club and wrap around care through Shine Bright Nursery, which is local to Westlea School.

A friendly childcare provider based in West Swindon ( They collect and drop children to Westlea with a minibus.